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When my life is touched by heartache
Whenever the rains have set in
I’ve become an emotional wreck
You’ve been the one who’s always cared

Whenever I felt all hope was gone
You’ve taken my sorrows away
By just always being there
And the coldness would just melt away

Whenever I felt my world had gone crazy
My thoughts and feelings spinning in turmoil
You’ve helped me find the light within
And my darkness would fade away

Whenever I felt my emotions became uncontrollable
Loneliness often prevailed on my travels
You’ve always shared in my journey
And I’ve never walked alone

Whenever I felt I’ve needed someone
You’ve always been here first
You’ll always be my hero
You’re the best friend ever

Copyright Jude Le Blance

ballet dancer

Treasured Love Letters

Written by Lady JudeiNaF-13I-1

Treasured Love Letters

I’ve always kept treasured
Your heartfelt love letters
Such cherished memories of our love
They still touch me deeply
Every page penned with love
Detailing our shared love story
I hold each letter dear to my heart
Such precious gifts ignited my love
Now wherever you may go
And whatever you may do
I always remain loyal to you
You’ve claimed my heart
And I’m saving all my love for you

Copyright Jude Le Blance 2013



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